At Juriscribe, we have decades of experience translating a wide variety of corporate and legal documents. Our in-house translators have provided quality translations for some of the nation's top international law firms, financial institutions and major corporations.

Documents are usually translated and/or edited by translators who are native of the country where the documents are intended to be used. When providing services to our U.S. clients, we normally translate into American English, signifying that we use U.S. terminology for legal and commercial documents. We can perform sight translations, summaries, and full translations of written documents. As source language documents often contain errors or ambiguities, clients are also given the option to have the translation emphasize accuracy, reflecting the ambiguities or errors in the source text, or readability, ignoring any such ambiguities or errors.

We can provide a translation certificate geared to the needs of the client (whether for internal records or as proof before a court or government agency) upon request. We can also handle legalization of certified translations by appropriate governmental authorities.

Juriscribe's translators are capable of handling projects of all sizes, from simple contracts of a few pages to project financing documentation totaling thousands of pages. Documents which we handle on a regular basis include corporate charters, bylaws, minutes of meetings, annual reports, prospectuses, securities filings, merger and acquisition and joint venture agreements and insurance policies.

We can review hundreds or even thousands of pages of case documentation at hourly rates. Our project managers are trained to work with you to determine what concepts, information, and data are relevant to your case. Documents translated include discovery documents, briefs, source-of-law documents, personal documents, judgments and decrees.

Both corporate lawyers and litigators have called upon us to translate all types of foreign legislation, including foreign investment laws, tax codes, import and export rules and health, safety and environmental regulations.