Our Services



At Juriscribe, we have decades of experience translating a wide variety of corporate and legal documents. Our lawyer/linguists have provided high-quality translations for some of the world’s top international law firms, financial institutions and corporations.

Practice Areas


Juriscribe’s translators are capable of handling projects of all sizes, from simple contracts of a few pages to project financing documentation totaling thousands of pages. Documents which we handle on a regular basis include corporate charters, bylaws, minutes of meetings, annual reports, prospectuses, securities filings, merger and acquisition and joint venture agreements and insurance policies.


We can review hundreds or even thousands of pages of case documentation at hourly rates. Our project managers are trained to work with you to determine what concepts, information, and data are relevant to your case.

Government Regulation

Both corporate lawyers and litigators have called upon us to translate all types of foreign legislation, including foreign investment, financial, corporate and tax laws and regulations. Our translations of legislative and regulatory materials have also been published on various occasions.


Juriscribe® has been called upon on numerous occasions to assist both law firms and direct end-clients in the translation of patents and related IP documents, mainly in the litigation context. In these cases, the translation team will normally consist of both lawyer/linguists as well as technical translators proficient in both the terminology and scientific field at issue with a Master’s degree or higher in the relevant field of expertise.

Pro Bono

Since 1995, we have been providing translations in pro bono matters and for non-profit clients at heavily discounted rates, while delivering the same level of service as we provide to our non-pro bono clients.

Additional Areas

Juriscribe specializes in additional areas ranging from Bankruptcy & Restructuring, to Employment & Labor and Trusts And Estates.